Learn Double-Knitting Hands-On


I can bring my knowledge of double-knitting to your community for a day, a weekend or a retreat! Get your local yarn shop owner or guild representative to join my workshop mailing list. This list gets first dibs on dates each season when I open my teaching schedule. If you don’t have a sponsoring shop or organization, I am open to private workshops; just contact me.

I teach several workshops; each is formulated to fit in an easy 3-hour time slot. They are divided into levels according to difficulty:


I’m available to make presentations on double-knitting to large or small groups, guilds and similar organizations. If I’m traveling a significant distance, it’s usually most cost-effective for me to also teach a workshop or two around the same time. If you’re interested in having me present to your guild or group, please ask someone in charge of scheduling to contact me

Where to find me

Check out my Events Calendar for upcoming workshops and appearances!

Learn Double-Knitting In Print

Each pattern I publish offers a tutorial for all the techniques used in that pattern. Of course, you can find deeper explanations with better and more technique photos in my books.