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(3 Hours)
Level 2: Double-knitting Intarsia

Have you been wanting to add more color to your double-knitting, but feel like you don’t have enough hands when doing multi-color double-knitting? With double-knit intarsia, you can work with a theoretically unlimited number of colors without changing the thickness or flexibility of the double-knit fabric – and you only need to deal with two strands at a time. In addition, all those unattractive intarsia twists are completely hidden inside the work. Learn to combine double-knitting colorwork and intarsia to add an exciting twist to your creative repertoire. As with most of my other workshops, you’ll also learn a really clean double-knit selvedge and a bind-off that mirrors the cast-on.

What to bring: 4 distinct solid colors (2 light, 2 darker) of plain yarn in the DK to worsted weight range and a pair of straight or circular needles in the proper size.

What to know: You should be comfortable with modern (two colors at once) double-knitting from recent experience. You should also be comfortable with single-layer intarsia and following knitting charts.

What to do: Please learn my cast-on from this Youtube video before the workshop so we can move right into new techniques. If your double-knitting experience is rusty or far in the past, use whatever resources you have at your disposal to work up a small swatch of double-knitting with a simple color pattern. This will help shore up your foundation before taking this workshop.