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Want to ask questions about double-knitting to a group of over 5000? Visit the double-knitting group on Ravelry. You will need an account to post, but accounts are free.

Want to ask me questions about my double-knitting and patterns? Visit the Fallingblox Designs group on Ravelry. See above RE: accounts.

Really don’t want to join Ravelry? There is a double-knitting Yahoo Group, although it’s not as well attended since the advent of Ravelry.

Someone attended FiberCamp Boston 2011 and videotaped me making a presentation about my work, then edited and posted it to Youtube.

Here’s a link to the article I wrote in Twist Collective, Winter 2009.

I also have an article (more of a set of edited book excerpts) in the Fall 2011 issue of Interweave Knits.

Thanks must go to Shannon Okey of Cooperative Press, who took on the publishing of my first book!

I am also, to some degree, a Visionary — having attended Cat Bordhi‘s inaugural Men’s Visionary Retreat in March of 2010. While I did not fully self-publish, I still got much of the input I needed to finish the book from Cat and my fellow Visionaries.

Podcast Appearances

Listen to me get tongue-tied live on the internet!

Inspirations and other Resources

I really love Kieran Foley’s innovative stranded patterns. Once you’ve got the techniques you need, you really should try a few in double-knitting!

For an unbelievable wealth of knowledge and — most importantly — charts, visit Jessica Tromp’s website. Yes, it’s hard to navigate, but I’m pretty sure I’ve only scraped the surface.

A list of double-knitting resources would not be complete without a mention of Lucy Neatby, another groundbreaking designer who is pushing the boundaries of double-knitting in a completely different direction from me. She’s doing a DK Technique Club on her site which is totally worth checking out for some specialized advanced double-knitting techniques.