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Double or Nothing: Errata

Nobody’s perfect; even after passing through multiple levels of editing there will always be things that fall through the cracks. If you’ve found a mistake somewhere in one of my books, please feel free to contact me!

The errata on this page refer to the first printing of Double or Nothing; subsequent printings will have these errors fixed. If you’re not sure which printing you have, check the copyright page toward the front of the book. If it doesn’t say “Second Printing,” you have the first printing.

Page 25 (found January 11, 2017):

This error was found by a reader in PA. In “Alasdair’s double-knitting method,” Step 2 begins “Insert the needle into the next stitch purlwise …” but should read “…into the next stitch knitwise …” 

Page 36 (found April 17, 2017):

This error was found by a (different) reader in PA. The standard double-knit bind-off has two errors in it. First, in the prep row section, Step 2 reads “…slide your work to the other end of the needle and then turn.” You don’t need to turn if you’ve already slid your work over, so ignore the “and then turn.” In addition, in the main section of the slipped bind-off instructions, Step 3 should read “Repeat Step 2 …” instead of “1 and 2”. Both of these are common sense fixes that most people will make on the fly but they’re important to note anyway.

Page 48-49 (found March 7, 2017):

This is not an error, per se, but it’s an issue of clarity. In the pattern “Abaciscus,” charts 1a and 1b are meant to be read as a single continuous chart which has been split up to fit on a page. In previous cases where I have done this, I have continued the numbering as well, which makes it clearer that the chart is meant to be continued. Please feel free to download the latest fixes to these two pages in the Page 48+49 PDF.

Page 124 (found March 13, 2017):

This error was found by a reader in CA. In Chart 6 of the “Eureka” pattern, the quilted pairs in Row 1 are appropriate for most repeats but in the second and fifth repeats in the six above Chart 4, the quilted pairs should be omitted to avoid an artificial seam. I don’t have room for a “Chart 6b” so I’ve amended the instructions to recommend omitting the quilted pairs in Chart 6 Row 1 where the large triangles continue from Chart 4.