The BuildingBlox series of interactive virtual workshops can be booked through this website. They offer some benefits over many other virtual workshops, including:

  • 3-hour sessions rather than 2, which gives more time for in-depth learning and Q&A.
  • Sessions are recorded; recordings are available for life* (see the FAQ).
  • Workshop recordings are offered at a lower price for those who can't or didn't come at the time the workshop is offered.
  • A wide variety of workshops will be offered, including new workshops which have yet to be offered anywhere else.
  • Supporters from my Patreon get generous monthly coupons according to their level of support.

Some caveats, however:

  • You must have an account on my site in order to enroll or access a recording; you can easily make one during checkout.
  • Pricing is based on the workshop's tier; more advanced workshops are more expensive.

Want to see what workshops might be offered? Go visit my workshops page; everything listed there will at some point be offered here.