Fallingblox Designs fire updates

At 2:30am on Sunday, May 31, 2020, our condo building was devastated by a 3-alarm fire. We have lost our home and my studio, and the fate of my samples and most of our possessions is still unknown. This page will have the latest updates as we rebuild. Thank you for your well-wishes and support. Further details can be found on my blog.

It’s been almost a month since my last update, and almost two since the fire. I had no news to share for a long time. Finally, we got word that demolition was beginning — half an hour before it started (on Tuesday of this week). My wife and I have been on-site for the entire duration, and today we were finally able to rescue some items of consequence.

My samples are mostly safe! About a dozen will need restoration or reworking but most of the others were either completely dry or just a little damp.

My library of knitting books, tools, and WIPs were not so lucky, and my stash is still unexcavated. More news to come soon, I’m sure.

It has been almost a month since the fire, and the demolition still has not happened. Things that might have been recovered if the demolition had happened promptly are now almost certainly destroyed by mold and mildew. Still, people are not allowed inside, so there’s not much we can do but try to compile the most accurate property loss spreadsheet we can, from memory.

We will be staying in a larger apartment in the Quaker meeting house for the coming year or so. Once we’re moved in there,  I’ll be able to set up my book and pattern shipping process again. Meanwhile, Wall of Yarn continues to drop-ship for me so you can continue to order from my store or get digital patterns on Ravelry.

I hope to restart my virtual workshops soon, once the meeting house’s internet plan is upgraded to a more reasonable speed.

We are still waiting to hear from the city, the insurance companies, our management company, etc about the demolition. This should have happened last week. Only once that starts do we have a chance to find out what we can recover.

Today I took my website out of “hiatus mode” and put up this page to let people know what’s going on. 

My patterns are gone but my books were mostly stored off-site. Yesterday I mailed boxes to replenish Amazon’s stock, and I ordered some of the things I need to begin fulfilling orders myself again. In the meantime, Wall of Yarn will be fulfilling physical orders. I will be unable to sign any books (as they are in Illinois) so I have removed that option from my store for now.

I put my website in “hiatus mode” and hid the store as well as I could. People can still buy digital patterns on my Ravelry store but I cannot fulfill physical orders until I can rebuild some part of my life.

We will be staying with our Quaker community in the Friends Meeting house in Cambridge, MA for the immediate future.