Resources for Learning Double-knitting

In Print

Each pattern I publish offers a tutorial for all the techniques used in that pattern. Of course, you can find deeper explanations with better and more technique photos in my books.


I currently teach 9 different double-knitting workshops. They are divided into “levels,” classified for their prerequisites (Level 1: no prerequisites; Level 2: Level 1 only required; Level 3: Level 1 and proficiency in some particular facet of single-layer knitting required). These workshops can be taught virtually or in person.

Each workshop page below has its own mini-calendar for upcoming events; you can also look at the full events calendar.

Interested in having me bring my knowledge of double-knitting to your community for a day, a weekend, a show, or a retreat? Get your local yarn shop owner, show runner, or guild representative to get in touch with me or join my workshop mailing list. This list gets first dibs on dates each season when I open my teaching schedule. If you don’t have a sponsoring shop or organization, I am open to private workshops; just contact me.

I’m available to make presentations on double-knitting to large or small groups, guilds and similar organizations. If I’m traveling a significant distance, it’s usually most cost-effective for me to also teach a workshop or two around the same time. If you’re interested in having me present to your guild or group, please ask someone in charge of scheduling to contact me

Virtual Workshops

Can’t make it to one of my workshops in person? Visit me online! As soon as I am able, I will be restarting the virtual workshops via Zoom. Stay tuned!


I do have a Youtube Channel which has a few specialized videos, mostly made to support some project or other. I have bigger plans for the content in this channel in the future, but video production is time-consuming and I have not been able to dedicate myself to it due to the recent book projects. Please feel free to follow the channel so that when I am able to start posting new videos, you’ll be among the first to know.

Where to Find Me

Check out my Events Calendar for upcoming workshops and appearances!