Wuxing: 5 Elements

A while ago, I designed a hat that would become the seed for this project; before it could be released, the yarn was discontinued and other projects took precedence. I've revisited that hat (now called Agni Deus) and will be releasing four more derivative works as a serial collection called Wuxing: 5 Elements.

Aside from the theme of the 5 Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood), the hats all have an off-the-grid double-knitting motif in common: a teardrop shape made by rapid increases and gradual decreases, which may manifest itself as a flame, a water drop, a leaf, a knothole, etc. Each pattern will also be pushing double-knitting techniques in some radical new directions. All of these patterns will show up in the “Advanced” section of the Patterns by Skill Level page.

The hats will be released as each pattern is ready. You can buy the collection and get however many individual patterns are currently available (the image to the left will be filled in as I go), and the others will be available in your Ravelry library when they are released.

When all five patterns are released, I will rework them into a single eBook. If there is sufficient interest, I may consider printing a booklet as well.

Where Can I Get It?
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