Parallax Cover-1280

In early 2011, I charted the first pattern for the Parallax series – the one that would become Parallax v1.0. I cast that on and began working on it, but got distracted by other things, both in the Parallax series and not. It was symbolic, then, that Parallax v1.0 was the last piece I bound off before taking the last photos and releasing the eBook. I have become obsessed with this style of op-art double-knitting, and while I am working on more patterns using this style, this book is a great snapshot of what might be possible.

The cover says there are “4 striking double-knit scarves” but there are actually 5 patterns — there’s a bonus pattern for a simple seat cushion in bulky yarn.

In recent years, this collection became so popular that it made more sense to start printing it. It remains one of the most popular items in my store.

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