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a double-knit lace shawl with modified Faroese construction

As with my last book, I'm ending this book with a magnum opus -- a large pattern that uses a bunch of new techniques and doesn't shy away from really interesting construction in favor of ease of execution. This is not an easy pattern, but if you're an experienced and adventurous double-knitter, it's worth it.

This shawl uses double-knit lace and colorwork, a fascinating modification of the garter tab, and more. It's 7.5 feet wide when blocked and since it's done in pure alpaca, it's incredibly cozy.

Read more about this pattern on its blog post.​

This pattern is only available in my book Double or Nothing: Reversible Knitting for the Adventurous.

Where can I get it?
as part of "Double or nothing"

eBook $17.95

Print+PDF $29.95