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a double-knit hat combining off-the-grid colorwork and traveling stitches
Atyria II

In my Craftsy class, I released a hat called Atyria. I was never particularly happy with it, but it served its purpose. When I realized that the rights had reverted back to me, I took the opportunity to do a radical redesign, both adding complexity and simplifying the underlying techniques. The end result is Atyria II.

The pattern is supposed to evoke an organism, something between animal and plant, that shows the growth cycle of those spirals I've been playing with in other patterns.

Read more about this pattern on its blog post.​

This pattern is only available in my book Double or Nothing: Reversible Knitting for the Adventurous.

Atyria II
Where can I get it?
as part of "Double or nothing"

eBook $17.95

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