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the most adorable double-knit baby booties ever


These are the first in a series of works I plan to design integrating doubled garter stitch and double-knitting. The flexibility of this combination of techniques adds a whole new dimension to the practical application of double-knitting.

This pattern includes an optional bonus two-pattern section for the top front of the booties — the R and L correspond to the right and left footprints on the bottom of the booties; however, when the booties are turned inside out, the footprints change from left to right and vice versa, so the R and the L also change places using two-pattern charts.

What’s New?

The main issue that everyone had with the original booties was that I only ever designed one size. Pattern grading wasn’t something I had much experience with at the time, and I was concerned about having to redesign the footprint for every subsequent size. With more time to puzzle out this issue, I have now created four sizes, and only had to redesign the footprint once since the smallest two sizes are done in fingering weight yarn and the next two sizes are done in sport weight. I’ve also done a totally new heel turn, which I feel looks better and works more cleanly than the original. The experience of redesigning these will go a long way toward the eventual adult sizes that I’d like to work out someday.


This pattern is currently available only in the 2018 revision of Extreme Double-knitting.

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