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a pair of baby booties with double-knit soles

These are the first in a series of works I plan to design integrating doubled garter stitch and double-knitting. The flexibility of this combination of techniques adds a whole new dimension to the practical application of double-knitting. This particular pattern is sized for a newborn baby.

This pattern includes an optional bonus two-pattern section for the top front of the booties — the R and L correspond to the right and left footprints on the bottom of the booties; however, when the booties are turned inside out, the footprints change from left to right and vice versa, so the R and the L also change places using two-pattern charts.

I currently have no plans to release this as a standalone pattern; it is only available in my book (or eBook) "Extreme Double-Knitting".

Where can I get it?
as part of "Extreme Double-Knitting"

eBook $16.95

Book $29.95