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A double-knit hat with several design options
four winds

This hat was first published (and is still available) in the Winter 2009 issue of the online magazine Twist Collective. For the book, I made a number of additions to the pattern, including a new set of compass points which use decorative increasing and decreasing to achieve smooth-edged points rather than the jagged ones on the original version.

The hat construction remains modular — there are two bands, two closures and now two sets of compass points charted, for a total of 8 possible hats. The two-pattern letter band is especially interesting, since the N and S are readable from both sides, but the E and the W actually switch places so that the compass is correct on both sides.

This pattern is available as a standalone digital pattern as well as being in the book (or eBook) "Extreme Double-Knitting"

Four Winds
Where can I get it?
as a standalone pattern

Pattern $6.00

as part of "Extreme Double-Knitting"

eBook $16.95

Book $29.95