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a useful sign in two-pattern double-knitting


This was a concept I had a while ago, after discovering the wonder of two-pattern double-knitting. There were some logistical issues to work out, though, before I could finally complete the design. It was important to me that the work be of a high resolution — in other words, smaller yarn. I scrounged around for good letter charts before I finally just decided to make my own from scratch. I also needed to figure out how to get the sign to stay flat rather than flopping around as fabric is usually wont to do. I toyed with stretching it on a frame but decided instead on the more elegant solution documented here. You are of course welcome to mount it however you like.

What’s New?

The mounting solution I originally used for this pattern was a little ridiculous, and while it worked in theory, the resulting piece was hard to keep flat, and (because coat hangers were involved) sharp metal bits kept poking out in odd places. It was also a little hard to store. I’ve seen several people who worked this pattern and few if any used my mounting solution. The more common solution was what I settled on here: simply to use two dowels cut to appropriate lengths and inserted into the hollow spaces left by the pattern. I didn’t even need to re-knit it.

This pattern is currently available only in the 2018 revision of Extreme Double-knitting.

Where can I get it?