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A double-knit op-art seat cushion in bulky yarn
parallax v0.1

This is actually the latest Parallax pattern, created to help my LYS, Mind’s Eye Yarns, move an overstock of bulky yarn inherited from the previous owner. It’s the largest yarn I’ve ever double-knit with and while I’m glad I had the opportunity to try, I’ll stick to smaller needles from now on. Still, it’s a quick project in cushy yarn made doubly cushy with the double thickness. And what better to make from cushy yarn but ... a cushion! The double-knit fabric makes it comfortable to sit on without having to stuff it, and the Parallax grid gives it the illusion of being more three-dimensional than it actually is.

This pattern is part of my Parallax series, which were originally released as an eBook, but have been so popular in recent months that I've begun printing them as well. The printed version comes with a free copy of the PDF as well.​

Parallax v0.1
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eBook $11.95

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