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A three-color double-knit op-art scarf
parallax v3.0

This piece is truly worthy of the label “Extreme Double-Knitting”. Here we get to play with three different colorways of Kauni Effektgarn and show off how they interplay in a totally different way. All three colors are changing constantly, and the mixture of colors is even more striking here than it might have been in the two-color versions.

As you choose colorways to work with, I would recommend you avoid any that share a single color since there’s a better-than-average chance that you’re going to end up with them both running at the same time at some point. However, as you can see, there are mixtures where two colors come very close to each other and this can be exhilarating! Because of the border in this pattern, two of the colors get used more than the third, so it will take much longer for the color mixture you got at the beginning to return again -- if it ever does!

This pattern is part of my Parallax series, which were originally released as an eBook, but have been so popular in recent months that I've begun printing them as well. The printed version comes with a free copy of the PDF as well.​

Parallax v3.0
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as part of the "Parallax" collection

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eBook $11.95

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