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A three-color double-knit hat



This hat is a refinement of my first foray into three-color double-knitting. “Struktur” is a German word, which Google translates to, among other things, “structure, texture, fabric, construction, weave”. Considering that it also looks like a set of skeletal building blocks, I couldn’t have asked for a better name for the pattern.

What’s New?

This is one of the hats that I felt was most in need of redesign for finer yarn. The original was in worsted weight yarn, and due to the combination of thicker yarn and denser fabric owing to the tension of the third color, the final piece was structurally stable to the point that it would have been better used as a bowl than a hat (and indeed, was used frequently that way for raffle tickets at my local Guild). Sport weight yarn allowed me to make a couple of improvements. First, the fabric is lighter and therefore more wearable. Second, I’ve recharted the repeat to be smaller, so I’ve been able to introduce better sizing. I also used a different color rotation to give the two layers a different look from the original.

This pattern is currently available only in the 2018 revision of Extreme Double-knitting.

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