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a three-color double-knit hat

This hat is a refinement of my first foray into three-color double-knitting, or triple-knitting for short. The first hat I designed with it used an 8-sided decrease and spiraled up to a point — but I never liked the point, so I worked out a more complex and elegant closure, charted here.

Struktur is a German word, which Google translates to, among other things, “structure, texture, fabric, construction, weave”. Considering that it also looks like a set of skeletal building blocks, I couldn’t have asked for a better name for the pattern.

This pattern is available as a standalone digital pattern as well as being in the book (or eBook) "Extreme Double-Knitting"

Where can I get it?
as a standalone pattern

Pattern $5.00

as part of "Extreme Double-Knitting"

eBook $16.95

Book $29.95