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a four-color two-pattern double-knit shoulder bag


I’ve been wanting to do something with whorl patterns on it for a while. The challenge of a 3-color whorl (on a background of a fourth color) in a 4-direction matrix appealed to me. After some swatching, it became clear that any 4-color double-knit fabric would become both thick and inflexible. I could deal with the thickness by going down in yarn and needle sizes, but the flexibility issue was not going to be easy to solve. So I thought about items where the inflexible fabric was an asset, and settled on a bag. I toyed with various designs before deciding on a bottom-up oblong shoulder bag. This also gave me a chance to use the gorgeous but inflexible decorative bind-off where people would actually see it, along the outer rim of the bag and the long edge of the flap.

I see the design as a sort of stylized impression of a forest from inside: the brown of the roots, the green of the canopy, all tied together with the blue of the water that keeps it all alive.

This pattern is currently available only in the 2018 revision of Extreme Double-knitting.

Where can I get it?