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An adjustable shoulder bag in four-color double-knitting
whorl'd Tree

I’ve been wanting to do something with whorl patterns on it for a while. The challenge of a 3-color whorl in a 4-direction matrix appealed to me. After some swatching, it became clear that any 4-color double-knit fabric would become both thick and inflexible. I could deal with the thickness by going down in yarn and needle sizes, but the flexibility issue was not going to be easy to solve.

So I thought about items where the inflexible fabric was an asset, and settled on a bag. I toyed with various designs before deciding on the bottom-up oblong shoulder bag. This gives me a chance to use the gorgeous but inflexible decorative bind-off where people will actually see it, along the outer rim of the bag and the long edge of the flap.

I currently have no plans to release this as a standalone pattern; it is only available in my book (or eBook) "Extreme Double-Knitting".

Whorl'd Tree
Where can I get it?
as part of "Extreme Double-Knitting"

eBook $16.95

Book $29.95