Extreme Double-Knitting: Errata

This page only applies to the original Cooperative Press printing! All errata from this page have been corrected in the new 2018 revision.

I'd like to think that everything in the book and in my patterns is correct, accurate, and so perfectly explained that everyone will be able to immediately absorb all the information and work all the patterns with only the information given.

However, my publisher, tech editors and I are only human, and I'm sure something slipped through somewhere. If you find a problem with any of my published materials, please contact me. If I check the material and your issue is valid, I'll post it up here, as well as keep a personal record of it for any future revisions. If I find your issue is due to a misunderstanding, I'll email back with assistance.

Note: All errata that were known as of January 2013 have been fixed in the current version of the book, since we went to a new printer and had the chance to make some manuscript changes. If you have a first-printing book (glossy pages), all errata on this page apply to your copy. If you have a second-printing copy (matte pages), only the second-printing section applies to you.

Errata from second printing

Page 87 (found July 6, 2013): Silk Road Pattern

This error was found by yours truly while recompiling book patterns into standalone patterns. Fortunately(?) nobody has noticed this error because to date I am probably the only person to have ever completed a Silk Road tie. The pattern says to “Follow Chart 6 seven times”. This is a remnant from a previous iteration of this pattern when Chart 6 was twice as tall. Now that we've cut it down to size, it should read “Follow Chart 6 14 times”.

Page 105 (found April 4, 2014): Four Winds Pattern

In the second line of the paragraph under the “Pattern” heading, I mention the cast-on method “on page 2”. This is a leftover from when this pattern was a standalone item. In the book, it should instead read “…using the standard double-knitting cast-on with Color A as FC and Color B as TC.”

Page 140 (found July 11, 2013): Box of Delights Pattern

A knitter in Boston was perplexed by the presence of Chart 4, but no mention of said chart in the pattern. Well, she's right — it's not in the pattern because Chart 4 is a relic from a previous version of the pattern! You can safely ignore it.

Page 145 (found March 22, 2013): Footsies Pattern

Some chart and instruction errors were found by a knitter who successfully finished a pair of the booties, but kindly pointed out where we mislabeled things. Referring to the charts on pages 145 and 146, Charts 1 and 2 are incorrectly paired with Charts 3 and 4 in the “Alternate cuff …” section on page 144. Chart 1 is actually the left footprint, and should be paired with Chart 4; Chart 2 is actually the right and should be paired with Chart 3.

In addition, Round 47 (on page 145) mentions “Row 11” from Chart 3 (or 4) — and there is no Row 11. This is a leftover from an earlier revision of the two-pattern charts that fell through into the final printing. Round 47 should instead refer to Row 10.

Errata from first printing

Page 23 (found August 12, 2012)

This error was found by a reader in Vancouver. In the instructions for the Closed Double-Knit Selvedge, the final instruction on page 23 says “follow Edge Twist steps 1-5”. There is no “Edge Twist” section — this is just a terminology glitch. It should read “follow Closed Double-Knit Edge on page 22, steps 1-5”

Page 93 (found November 3, 2011)

This error was found by a reader in Sweden. The captions for the illustrations on Page 93 (the first part of the two-pattern chart planning section) don't match the illustrations themselves. I have fixed this in the Page 93 PDF. Please feel free to download and print this if you need clarification. However, I think the illustrations make it clear even if the captions aren't exactly correct.

Page 122 (found December 30, 2012): Falling Blocks Pattern

For some reason, I found that the Round numbers on Chart 2 were off — there are 40 numbers, but only 35 rounds, which means that the numbers don't line up with the actual rounds. The chart itself is fine, so if you were following that and ignoring the numbers you should have been OK, but I've fixed it in the Page 122 PDF if you want a corrected version.

Page 129 (found November 13, 2011): Vasily Pattern

This isn't exactly an error but it was pointed out by someone at one of my workshops in Cambridge, MA. The yarn called for (Rowan Felted Tweed) is called a DK by Rowan, but at 191 yards per 50g skein, it's clearly closer to a sportweight. Therefore, if you try to substitute another DK weight yarn, you will probably end up having a hard time making gauge.

Also, there is a small math error in the first paragraph of the pattern. It should read “For a 20(22,24)-inch hat, cast on 180(198, 216) pairs or 360(396,432) total stitches.” It currently reads “… or 360(390,432) total stitches.” If you count by pairs, this shouldn't affect you at all.

Page 155 (found May 19, 2012): Whorl'd Tree Pattern

An error in the decrease placement for the flap was found by Ravelry member PetMyYarn. This is only cosmetic — the sides of the flap should be symmetrical but they're not charted as such in the book. I've fixed this in Chart 3b on the Page 155 PDF. Please feel free to download and print this for reference as you work the bag's flap.