Hello, local Boston-area knitting friend!

If you're seeing this page, you probably got it from a knitting group or other interest group mailing list. Thanks for your interest!

I have been wanting to make it easier for my local people to get my books and patterns — it seems silly to ask someone I see regularly to pay for shipping when I could hand-deliver your books to you. What I've done is to create a “free shipping” code. Here's how it works:

  1. Go add something that you can buy here to your cart. Feel free to add multiple things!
  2. View your Cart, either by clicking “view cart” just after adding something, or by clicking the shopping cart item at the top of the page.
  3. In the “Coupon code” window, enter the text localdelivery and hit “Apply coupon.”
  4. Proceed to checkout; fill out your shipping and billing details. Under “comments,” let me know what knitting group or community you belong to so I can know how to get your item(s) to you.
  5. Once your billing and shipping addresses have been filled out, you will get shipping options. Since you entered the coupon code, one of those options should be “free shipping.” Keep that option selected unless you want to pay extra and have me ship your item as usual.
  6. Fill in your payment info and place your order!

A couple of caveats:

Any questions? Get in touch!

Thanks again and I'll see you soon!

Alasdair Post-Quinn, “Softwear Engineer”