A three-color, two-pattern double-knit scarf


I consider this sort of a “Magnum Opus” in double-knitting. On the surface it’s just a scarf, but it is knit from 54 charts including 53 two-pattern playing cards — one of every value and suit, and one Joker. Each card is charted four times — face-up and face-down, right side up and upside down. You can choose to follow the schematic I laid out, or lay out the cards in any order you choose.

So what’s up with the new edition? In 2013, Sally Holt from Knit Companion asked me to present to that year’s kClub — an online virtual presentation followed by a KAL. Each of the four presenters would have 3 months with the kClub all to themselves. The other three were Cheryl Potter, Cat Bordhi and Lucy Neatby. How could I refuse?

I took this golden opportunity to make some changes I should have done in the very beginning. I changed the font of the letters and numbers, making them more rounded and closer to the normal font found on playing cards. I changed the back of the cards to something more intriguing, while attempting to keep as close to an even distribution of colors as possible. And finally, I worked a card in one of every weight of yarn I could locate in the right colors, as well as several different fibers, just to give people ideas beyond the scarf that is suggested.

52 Pickup: KClub Edition

Where can I get it?