a simple and elegant double-knit scarf


This pattern was the first thing I ever designed in double-knitting, and is still my most popular pattern. I attribute its success to its simple elegance and whimsy.

The original pattern was designed for my sister, who was at the time an amateur ornithologist with a particular interest in corvids — crows, ravens, etc. It has been redesigned a couple of times since then and is included in my book as an introductory pattern.

This is a great pattern for anyone who’s new to double-knitting. The chart is simple to follow, with few color changes per row, and when you are finished you will have an excellent foundation on which to build new double-knitting knowledge — as well as a warm and stylish scarf for yourself or a loved one.

This pattern is available as a free download, as well as in Extreme Double-knitting.

Where can I get it?

as a standalone pattern