A tam-o’shanter hat in double-knit entrelac


Double-knitting and entrelac are really made for each other. Don't believe me? Try this pattern. I've never liked the back of single-layer entrelac, so I vowed that I would, at some point, try to do it in double-knitting. There are a bunch of issues with this, and I think I've found elegant solutions for them all.

There's a fascinating trick to this pattern: if you've ever done entrelac in the round with more than two colors, you'll know that the color changes happen in concentric rings as you approach the crown. In this pattern, the color changes appear to move radially instead. How? You'll have to find out.

Read more about this pattern on its blog post.​

This pattern is only available in my book Double or Nothing: Reversible Knitting for the Adventurous.

Where can I get it?