A finer-gauge double-knit op-art scarf


This is the very first Parallax scarf I designed and the first to be cast on. At the time, I was still working in twisted stitches as a preference, so this one is worked that way. Ironically, it was also the last one to be bound off. It’s done in Kauni Effektgarn, my very favorite yarn for double-knitting.

Parallax patterns and Kauni go together beautifully — the long color gradations are shown off to their best extent, and if you pair two Kaunis together, you will always have the excitement of seeing how the colors will play off each other as you go. Sometimes they’ll contrast really well and sometimes you’ll get two together that are fairly close — but at that point, the Parallax pattern gives you the added bonus of this shimmery effect where another pattern might be lost.

In the two colorways I chose here, the darker color may appear solid but is actually shifting from a rich blue to a black to a deep purple.

This pattern is available as part of the Parallax collection in print and digital versions.

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