A double-knit op-art scarf worked on the bias


Parallax v1.0 centers on the expansion points — making the repeats look like pillows or fisheyes. Parallax v0.5 centers on the compression points — making the repeats look like stars. I wanted to show both of these in the same scarf, but I didn’t want to make it overly wide. So I made it on the bias, moving every other row over by one pair through judicious use of increase and corresponding decrease. The pattern for this is complicated, but as you get into it, you’ll begin to feel the rhythm and perhaps you might not even need the chart after a while.

The forest green color I chose is actually a Kauni Solid; I wanted to highlight the fact that Kauni has an amazing range of solid colors as well as their Effektgarn line. Most shops don’t carry it but you should be able to get them to order it and maybe that will change. A good alternative is Rauma Finullgarn.

This pattern is available as part of the Parallax collection in print and digital versions.

Where can I get it?