an elegant double-knit necktie


While thinking about what kinds of objects could really benefit from colorwork in double-knitting, I came up with the usual suspects: hats, scarves, blankets, maybe cuffs on sweaters — the list was really pretty short. I felt there must be more, and it occurred to me I hadn’t seen many good necktie patterns in general. Those I had seen were either done in garter stitch (reversible by nature, but not terribly interesting) or required construction tantamount to actually sewing a tie out of fabric.

Double-knitting seemed to me to be a perfect solution: it’s reversible, it never curls, and it’s easy to shape. Because a tie needs to be made out of thin enough fabric to make a rather large knot without being too bulky, it’s best done in a finer-weight yarn — so I had the opportunity to chart a more detailed design.

This pattern is currently available only in Extreme Double-knitting.

Where can I get it?