A fascinating scarf in off-the-grid double-knitting


Back in 2009, while I was working on the text of Extreme Double-Knitting, I began working on a modified double-knit rendition of Kieran Foley’s masterful “Scandinavian” chart. It was a practice piece for what I would come to term “off-the-grid” double-knitting — using increases and decreases to move stitches and colors in interesting ways. For a number of reasons, I had to put it aside.

Fast-forward to 2014: Kieran Foley got in touch with me and expressed interest in releasing the pattern jointly. I pulled it out of storage … then ripped it all back to the beginning and started fresh. My knitting and designing has become more sophisticated in 5 years and I would not have been happy with the final piece in its previous form. You can read more about the story on my blog, if you like.