a pattern with many options


Waverley was originally written for a book project in which all of the patterns were gauge- and yarn- agnostic, working by “feel” of the fabric and dependent on the knitter’s patience to determine when the piece is done and what can be done with it at that point. It was also meant to be set up in graphic-novel page format, which was a little beyond my skills.

When the publishers finally decided not to use my contribution and released the rights to me, I opted to stick with the more whimsical layout style and pattern format rather than rework it into my own usual style. After all, the pattern can be used in many ways to make many garments, and your choice of yarn and needle size will radically change the nature of the fabric. For this reason, no recommended yarn or gauge is listed here, beyond the yarn which I used to make the samples.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with using this “recipe”-style pattern!

Since several people asked what the book was, and it is now out, look for the book “Knitstrips” on Amazon or your favorite local bookstore. Note that this pattern is not in the book!

Where can I get it?