Double-knitting Intarsia Homework

This is a homework page for Alasdair Post-Quinn’s workshop Double-knitting Intarsia. I hope to see you soon at this workshop!

Before starting this workshop, I’d like you to have a little foundational knowledge, as well as a little foundation of double-knitting so we can use our short time together as effectively as possible. If you are still struggling with the basic technique when you arrive in class, you will struggle even more with the further techniques I’ll be teaching.

First, you’ll need to select your colors. Choose two solid-colored plain yarns (one lighter, one darker), in the DK to worsted weight range. The lighter one will be your Color A and the darker will be your Color B. You will also need to bring two other yarns which are different and distinguishable from these first two, but they will not be needed until the workshop itself.

Next, I need you to learn my cast-on. A video for this can be found at However, it is most important that you have a workable set of pairs, so if this cast-on is giving you trouble for any reason, you are welcome to use any double-knit cast-on you already know, or any single-layer cast-on with both yarns held together.

Finally, I need you to learn my selvedge. A video for this can be found at Don’t worry if your edges aren’t linking perfectly; I’ll demo it in class and you can fine-tune it for the rest of the swatch.

Now, CO 19 pairs in BA color order (with Color B over your finger and Color A over your thumb), not counting the slip knot. Turn and follow the chart below, removing the slip knot after Row 1.

If you feel you need further practice with double-knitting, you may feel free to work some extra rows (similar to Rows 1 and 2, but with a linked pair at the beginning of every row, as in Row 2). Make sure to end with an even-numbered row.

Leave the work on the needle and bring it to class!

OTG Homework Key
INT Homework Chart