Troubleshooting Double-knitting

Ever made a mistake in your double-knitting? No? I don't believe you. I certainly have, and through experience I've determined what kind of mistakes can be fixed, which can't, and which are best simply covered up.

In this pre-recorded workshop, I'll take you through the most common mistakes (and some uncommon ones) and how they can be fixed — and of course, how they can be avoided altogether. You'll learn how to handle twists, bars, incorrect color changes in previous rows, and other issues that may crop up especially while you're learning this new technique.

This workshop will only be available as a recording, due to the difficulty of asking students to make specific mistakes in their homework. For that reason, the usual prerequisites, requirements and homework, as well as the calendars normally appearing below, do not appear on this page.

As with any other workshop, when there is a recording available, there will be a link on this page to the recording. Thanks for your patience.

If the upcoming virtual or live workshops below don't work for you due to time or location constraints, this workshop's last session was recorded and access is now available for purchase!

BuildingBlox Recorded Workshops: Advanced Beginner Double-knitting 01/54/2023