Two-pattern Double-knitting

Did you know that double-knitting need not always be fully reversible? Yes, it's always reversible, but the two layers don't have to be mirror images of each other. In fact, with a little bit of work, you can create a fabric that has two radically different patterns on either layer. In this workshop, we'll use charts from my Falling Blocks and Falling Blocks Redux hats to prepare you for working those patterns or any other double-knitting pattern that uses two-pattern techniques.

In this workshop, we'll start out with two colors, and once you're comfortable with the technique, I'll teach you how to add a third. You'll also learn a really clean double-knit selvedge, as well as how to integrate a third color into it.

This is a new workshop which integrates elements of the previous Two-pattern and Multi-color workshops.

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(what to know)

You should have taken the Introduction or Advanced Beginner workshops or have facility with modern (two colors at once) double-knitting. The homework will help to refresh you if you are rusty. You should also be comfortable following knitting charts.


(what to bring)

3 distinct solid colors (1 light, 1 darker, 1 other) of plain yarn in the DK to worsted weight range and a pair of straight or circular needles in an appropriate size for your chosen yarn.


(what to Do)

Please follow the instructions on the Two-pattern Double-knitting homework page.

This workshop's last session was recorded; access to the recording is now available for purchase on theĀ Workshop Recordings page!

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