Finishing Double-knitting

Double-knitting does not normally need finishing (aside from a good blocking now and then) but there are a number of techniques that are not taught elsewhere that can help your work look even cleaner than it does already.

In this pre-recorded workshop, I'll take you through some alternative cast-ons and bind-offs for invisible or even-more-visible edges, methods of seaming/attaching two pieces of double-knitting in various directions, weaving in ends, cinching circular closures, and duplicate stitch.

Due to the sheer quantity of techniques in this workshop, the homework for a live workshop would be onerous, so I expect this will remain recorded only. However, to get the most out of it, I recommend you have taken one of the modern (two colors at once) Foundations workshops prior to viewing the recording for this one.

This is a brand new workshop, so there's no sample art yet.  Also, the video is not yet available but will be posted on this page when it is. Thanks for your patience! 

If the upcoming virtual or live workshops below don't work for you due to time or location constraints, this workshop's last session was recorded and access is now available for purchase!

BuildingBlox Recorded Workshops: Advanced Beginner Double-knitting 01/54/2023