Tier 2 Omnibus

Omnibus workshops are taught in mini-retreat format, where you work up a strip of connected swatches rather than binding off and casting on anew between sessions. Over the span of multiple sessions, you get a taste of several longer workshops. They're a great way to learn a lot in a shorter span of time, although there is less time for deep dives into each technique.

The Tier 2 Omnibus takes you through advanced texture, four-color, off-the-grid, short rows, lace, and traveling stitches, over the span of three 3-hour sessions. Two sessions may be on the same day (morning and afternoon) in addition to another day for the third session, or they may be scheduled on three different days.

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(what to know)

You should have taken the Introduction or Advanced Beginner workshops or have facility with modern (two colors at once) double-knitting. You should be comfortable with all of the techniques in single-layer knitting, as well as following knitting charts.


(what to bring)

4 distinct solid colors (1 light, 1 darker, 2 others) of plain yarn in the DK to worsted weight range and a pair of straight or circular needles in an appropriate size for your chosen yarn.


(what to Do)


If the upcoming virtual or live workshops below don't work for you due to time or location constraints, this workshop's last session was recorded and access is now available for purchase!

BuildingBlox Recorded Workshops: Advanced Beginner Double-knitting 01/54/2023

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