Advanced Double-knitting Lace

Double-knitting lace can be as simple as combining double-knit decreases and double-decreases with judiciously placed yarnovers — just as simple single-layer lace is. But as with single-layer lace, there's a host of other techniques that can be combined to do some really fascinating things.

In this workshop, you'll learn some of the more unusual techniques I've developed thus far for double-knit lace, as well as a slipped-pair method for cleaning up the colorwork you might include in the fabric.

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(what to know)

You should have taken the Double-knitting Lace workshop or have experience with double-knitting lace from my patterns or other sources. You should also be comfortable following knitting charts.


(what to bring)

2 distinct solid colors (1 light, 1 darker) of plain yarn in the fingering to DK weight range and a pair of straight or circular needles two sizes above what you would normally select for your chosen yarn.


(what to Do)

Please follow the instructions on the homework page before starting the workshop.

If the upcoming virtual or live workshops below don't work for you due to time or location constraints, this workshop's last session was recorded and access is now available for purchase!

BuildingBlox Recorded Workshops: Advanced Beginner Double-knitting 01/54/2023

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