Double-knitting Cables & Colorwork

In “Extreme Double-knitting,” I was limited by my perception that double-knit cables couldn't use negative space to allow the cable to travel across a background. Only a short while after the book came out, I discovered not one but two ways to do double-knit cables that were elegant and clever — and opened up new possibilities for the technique. Since then, I have discovered a third way to do it.

In this workshop, you’ll learn three different techniques for double-knitting cables with and without a cable needle – and understand why you’d use one method over another in any given location. You'll also learn how double-knit cables interact with colorwork motifs. You’ll also learn a really clean double-knit selvedge.

This workshop used to be called “Double-knitting Cables” and will still be listed that way in some locations until everything settles out.

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(what to know)

You should have taken the Introduction or Advanced Beginner workshops or have facility with modern (two colors at once) double-knitting. You should also be comfortable with single-layer cabled knitting (with or without a cable needle) as well as knitting from charts.


(what to bring)

2 distinct solid colors (1 light, 1 darker) of plain yarn in the DK to worsted weight range and a pair of straight or circular needles in an appropriate size for your chosen yarn. You will also need a metal U-shaped cable needle (an unbent heavy-duty paper clip will also suffice). At in-person events, cable needles may be available to purchase for a small fee.


(what to Do)

Please download the homework at and follow the instructions.

If the upcoming virtual or live workshops below don't work for you due to time or location constraints, this workshop's last session was recorded and access is now available for purchase!

BuildingBlox Recorded Workshops: Advanced Beginner Double-knitting 01/54/2023

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